We provide website and mobile development solutions to a wide range of businesses across the globe, from startups, entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Our solutions combine creativity, technology, affordability and experience, ultimately delivering results that not only meet your objectives but exceed them.

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Technologies we use

Some of the technologies we use to develop our projects

  • Languages/libraries we use for website development.

    • JS frameworks like ReactJS/VueJS/AngularJS/Backbone/DOJO for front-end development
    • Adobe ColdFusion/Railo/Lucee/PHP for scripting
    • Mysql/MSSQL for database
  • Tools we use to make our life easy as developers.

    • Source control – Git / SVN / Perforce
    • Project management – Rally / Basecamp / Jira / Pivotal Tracker
    • IDE’s – Sublime, IntelliJ and in some rare cases, Eclipse!
  • Languages/tools we use for mobile app development.

    • Objective-C/Swift/React Native (for native iOS apps)
    • Cordova/Ionic or similar frameworks for hybrid apps

It is hard to list everything we use but you should get a good idea of the ground we cover with the above list.

About Us

Based in Maidenhead and building on many years experience, Ansh Consulting offers a wide range of web based services including graphic design, web programming and web hosting, web consultancy and web management.

If you want the best for your company and want the best web design, web development, SEO services, or simply want to design a new website to draw in more customers, you have found the right company. We want to show you how much fun and exciting it can be to have a truly successful web site.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and attention to detail in making all our sites as user friendly and compatible as possible to ensure that your site works equally well in all of the main web browsers across all desktop platforms.

Ansh Consulting is a small company which means that we keep a very close relationship with all our clients and that you will always be able to speak to someone you know. All our work is carried out in house and all designs are created bespokely – we do not use pre-built design templates or send our work out to other contractors unless there is a very specific reason to do so or unless the client requests it.


A range of solutions we provide



A selection of our recent work. A lot of the work we do is not public, so, get in touch if you want to find out more about our work.

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